Company Brand Refresh


Develop visual languages that better speak to Proteus’s patient and professional audiences.


Applying the brand refresh to all marketing channels for a company that is rapidly expanding and gaining public recognition.

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user interface


Update branded elements within the user interface


Improve the user’s experience with the UI and the brand as a whole. Updating the colors, refreshing the icons, and introducing new illustrations make the app more enjoyable to use, as well as link the app to marketing materials, packaging, and the website — creating a seamless brand experience.

print collateral

enviornmental design


Booth for an Abbott medical tradeshow


Design an tradeshow booth for a by-invitaion-only event, presenting Proteus as a fresh face in the heathcare industry while also providing talking points for representaives to speak to.

digital media

Scope: Proteus’s extensive digital media pieces included testimonial videos, motion graphics for lobby screens, digital publications, and PowerPoint presentations.

Shown: Proteus Discover Media kit and The Smart Way to Manage Your Health presentation slides.


Redesign digital communications for patient and professional subscribers.

Scope: Professional-facing newsletter, marketing emails, and auto-generated emails.

internal projects


Internal projects are a great way to explore new avenues for the brand. Through color and typography, internal pieces stay on brand while introducing new graphics, display typefaces, and the Proteus Pig make employee events enticing and fun.

Shown: Bring Your Kids to Work Day booklet and activities, Hack-a-Thon digital banner and trophies.

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